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Production and Development

The group-corporation, which includes the Natural Immune Control System Zrt., has a production factory. Due to the fact that every moment of the production (purchasing of the raw material, packaging, the actual production and the quality control) is in one hand gives the opportunity that we can react quickly to the ever changing demand.

At NICS, we believe quality is important in our products. We employ the highest standards for manufacturing our products by meeting or exceeding Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - a standard that is required for the pharmaceutical and food industries (but not for dietary supplements). We maintain a GMP certificate which shows our commitment to producing quality products. GMP guarantees the safety and high quality of our One Year and Medium term products.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is employed mostly in the the pharmaceutical industries and food industries to secure continuous product safety and high quality. The two main components are the controlled manufacturing process and the efficient controlling which complement each other. GMP is part of the quality assurance that enables products to be manufactured and quality controlled at all times to meet all regulatory authorizations.

The quality specs contain the requirements of all materials or products used during production. Production technology regulations define which raw materials can be used and describe the production and packaging process.

As we manufacture our products, we are guided by the following to achieve quality products:


Exceeding regulations in manufacturing our products.


Strict guidelines and procedures for quality control.


All other factors that contribute to the quality of our products including knowledgeable and well experienced staff, clean and sterile facilities and equipment, etc.

In Hungary , the production of dietary supplements is not required to be made in GMP quality factories. However, we believe in the importance of GMP. We would like to provide our consumers with products that are produced with pharmaceutical level procedures.

In one of our latest developments, besides traditional capsules, we offer our products in granulated forms in individually wrapped, practical packets.

The individual capsules and packets make it easy to take your daily supplements because you can bring them anywhere with you. They can be easily stored anywhere at home or at work. They can fit in your bag without taking much space and will not be damaged from any outside elements.


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