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Production and Development

The group-corporation, which also includes the Natural Immune Control System Inc., has its production plant. The fact that every stage of the production process (procurement of raw materials, packaging, actual production and quality control) is in one hand allows for a quick response to the demands of the market and consumers.

Our company places great importance on quality. Our products are manufactured at a high technological standard in a production process which meets the specifications of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guaranteeing the safety and sustained high quality of our One Year and Medium-term products.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a method mostly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries to secure continuous product safety and high quality. Its two main components are the controlled manufacturing procedures and effective supervision which complement and act on each other. GMP is part of the quality assurance that enables products to be manufactured and supervised according to quality regulations at all times meeting the requirements needed for market release and realizing the goal for which they were developed.

The quality specifications contain the required standards relating to all materials or products utilised in the production process. Production technology regulations define which raw materials can be used and describe the production and packaging processes.

By applying GMP, we need to consider and achieve the following:


Exacting and strict regulation of processes and procedures carried out in line with the specification.


Required measuring and supervision, that is quality control.


All other factors impacting quality: staff, facilities, equipment, etc.

In Hungary the GMP qualification of a factory is not a requirement for the production of dietary supplements. However, we believe in the importance of GMP. We would like to increase our consumers satisfaction by producing our products using pharmaceutical level manufacturing procedures.

Our recent innovation is that our dietary supplements are available in granulated form besides traditional capsules. The granules are practically packaged in individual portions.

The individually wrapped capsules and pre-portioned granules put into so- called stick packets allow our consumers to take their daily supplements with them even to their workplace in a hygienic manner without taking up much space. They can fit in a bag or a pocket and will not be damaged from any outside factors before consumption.


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