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Christmas schedule

Attention! As the end of the year is closer and closer, we would like to inform you about the Christmas schedule of our offices for customer service. We are waiting for you also between Christmas and New Years Eve! Happy holidays...

Flavor Quiz - Choose of them!
˝Favorite flavor˝

Which is your favorite flavor? We would like to know with the help of our Flavor Quiz. We are wondering which three from the mentioned flavors are the most irresistible to you...


Our Vitamin D product is renewed

However our Vitamin D product is Value and Quality Award winner and this is one of our most popular and most important development, we made effort during the last few weeks to create a better and more effective Vitamin D compound. The new Vitamin D is still One Year Product...

Christmas prize competition with
valuable prizes

We announced our Christmas prize competition again. The game runs from November 17, 2020 to December 20, 2020. In this competition all card holders automatically take part. Prize drawing on December 21, 2020…

Taste and quality without compromise…

Let me introduce you our latest Medium-term development, Limited Edition Product Cocoa Kid's Multivitamin granules dissolving in the mouth. This is an exciting attempt in the life of our company, as this product will be available only in a certain period of the year only to test it...


Things we are proud of


Value and Quality Grand Award - 2020

Further two developments among the Medium-term Products of Natural Immune Control System Inc. Cardiovascular Protection + Inulin + microflora and Green & Red Fruit & Vegetable complex + Inulin + microflora dietary supplements have received this year Value and Quality Grand Award...


Bisnode international company
quality rating

The Bisnode international company quality rating assesses the financial stability and business reliability of every enterprise on the basis of a continuously measured and well-proven system developed by international experts. Therefore, our company, the Natural Immune Control System Inc. was selected in 2018, and following that in 2019 and 2020 too as one of the financially most viable companies. This way we have been ranked with bronze qualification...

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice

This year we have received, for he 6th time, the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) qualification that is mostly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. In the European Union supervision is carried out by national regulation agencies. GMP is the general collection of methods employed for securing product safety and continuous high quality...


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New - Cocoa KID’s Multivitamin granulated

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