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Natural Immune Control System Inc. achieved another success

The number of our awarded developments increased with further 2 ones...

We became 5 years old

Our company has celebrated the 5th anniversary this year. Taking into consideration that due to the pandemic situation we could not organize special event we arranged a prize competition and the drawing lots ceremony was a live broadcast on 21st July 2020. from the center of N.I.C.S. in Szeged...


Medium-term Product Relax + Inulin + microflora

We have launched our latest development, the 22nd product in the group RELAX + Inulin + microflora Medium-term Product. This is our 3rd formulation containing the specialized microflora strains which are identified with N.I.C.S. prefix in their name...

We have opened our new, ultra-modern
center in Budapest

A new era has started in our company's life since we have opened our new office in Budapest. The building and the team has remained the same but what has changed is the storey and space: we have moved from the 5th to the 3rd floor...

Medium-term Product Cardiovascular Protection +
Inulin + microflora

Our latest innovation is a special product whose components have been used for hundreds of years on several continents due to their positive effects exerted on the cardio-vascular system...


Things we are proud of


Value and Quality Grand Award - 2020

Further two developments among the Medium-term Products of Natural Immune Control System Inc. Cardiovascular Protection + Inulin + microflora and Green & Red Fruit & Vegetable complex + Inulin + microflora dietary supplements have received this year Value and Quality Grand Award...


Bisnode international company
quality rating

The Bisnode international company quality rating assesses the financial stability and business reliability of every enterprise on the basis of a continuously measured and well-proven system developed by international experts. Therefore, our company, the Natural Immune Control System Inc. was selected in 2018, and following that in 2019 and 2020 too as one of the financially most viable companies. This way we have been ranked with bronze qualification...

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice

This year we have received, for he 6th time, the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) qualification that is mostly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. In the European Union supervision is carried out by national regulation agencies. GMP is the general collection of methods employed for securing product safety and continuous high quality...


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